Hooked on Ebonics


Learn the Language of Ebonia!

Until I first learned about the language of Ebonics, I had always thought it would be too difficult to master a new language. In a fun filled three week course, you too can master this wonderful language and truly speak like a native!

Impress your friends, coworkers and family as you gain full command of both formal and colloquial Ebonics. Imagine the new doors and opportunities that await you once you have invested a few fun filled moments pursuing an in-depth knowledge of Ebonics with this unique program.

Clear communication is paramount to intellectual exchange and human progress. Enjoy the freedom to share your most complex thoughts to and to fully realize the rich thoughts expressed by your Ebonian neighbors, all while speaking in their native tongue. This will all be within your reach once you enrich your verbal and writing skills with a complete command of the Ebonics language.

Is Ebonics a New Language?

Linguistics experts from around the world have been exploring the origin of the Ebonics language. Most recently, it has been discovered that Ebonics dates all the way back to the writing of the King James Bible where it is written that "We be brethren!"*

*Source - Paul Harvey News

Ebonics Language Learning Program (ELLP)

WAWEIS (Web Academics World Ebonic Instruction Society) is seeking beta testers for the forthcoming Ebonics Language Learning Program. If you are selected, you will be entitled to a free one (1) user license for the completed product upon its release in exchange for your feedback. To apply for this program, email your name and address (both email and snailmail) to ebonics@deepwaterweb.com.

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