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A Proud Heritage

Talk radio as a medium has great potential to offer to its listeners the broadest possible view, from which listeners can exercise a little of their own cognitive power to potentially move towards the truth.

The exposure to truth, having an obvious negative impact on those whom have built empires on lies, is a particularly uncomfortable prospect for the likes of President Clinton. Clinton's personal advisors however showed some savvy in their advising the President to avoid any further public announcements about the evils of talk radio. Instead a more covert, less obvious measure would be formulated to really deal with the issue.

It may well be coincidental that K.G.O.'s once only slightly imbalance line-up would soon after take dramatic leftward steps. One would have to keep in mind that during about the same time K.G.O. became part of the Mickey Mouse family of Disney Enterprise operations.

Perhaps one of the most sane voices to have rattled the broadcast antenna servicing the huge K.G.O. broadcast area was that of Duane Garret. K.G.O.'s program would upon his demise suffer the most measured sign of going Drown the Duane.

Since Duane's magical suicide*, every voice that even occasionally offered sound reasoning: (Lee Rodgers, Jim Eason, even Dr. Laura) have been shipped out to the significantly lower wattage sister station and packaged it as "Conservative Talk". As yet, the now 100% left K.G.O. has yet to be branded with anything different than the original "News Talk" which has once included both the a few leftists and a few of those "conservatives" now entirely on the other station.

*Duane's "suicide" happened to occur just one day after he had, in his program, stated "I'm not afraid of your threats" to a person or group which he did not specifically identify. Although the suicide note found at the scene did not match his handwriting, the family's "request" to suspend any further investigation was honored by "law enforcement". I will on request share on an individual basis the actual tape recording of this final airing.

Today's Sad Lineup!

    The Face

The Name Lefto-meter DWW IQ Estimate

Shann Nix
Shann's "All girl radio"
...truly is as she often describes her callers "dumb as gum".

When I get embarrassed listening to her late night chatter, I sometimes have to remind myself that I am NOT eavesdropping on a teenager's late night calls to her High School friends.

Nix fairly standard answer for criticism runs something like: "Why would anyone ever listen to a show they didn't like?"

Nix Wisdom: Anyone that places a call from their automobile is selfish, uncaring and self absorbed--all because they are putting their petty convenience above the safety of others! This and other pearls of cognitive wonder.



Ronn Owens
Ronn's "Fairness"
...wrapped in a shroud of centrism.

Believes prostitution should be legal, not because it is an obvious right of individuals to decide the terms of intimacy with others, but for the potential of another source of tax revenue!

Takes the gross taxation performed with DMV registration to be an indicator that License Renewal fees should be raised!

Had previously had nothing but warm words to describe a more honest centrist, Tom Campbell, until Tom actually stood up and spoke against Owen's favorite Bill Clinton during the Constitutional process that was obstructed by corruption in Senate.

This man had even directed his audience to vote for none other than the wretched Barbara Boxer over Pat Fong since Fong had (as a conservative) actually received campaign money from a conservative organization. Now there's a crime!


124 (same as Gore)

Christine Craft

Runner up for the Bernie Ward record for highest percentage of cases of being dead wrong. Her law degree is proof positive that affirmative action does make a difference in our education system. Also neck-in-neck with Bernie for abusing her teleprompter unfriendly call warnings for the application of a quick label followed by a brisk shutdown of the call.

Philosophy a la Craft: "Responsibility" is buzzword



Bernie Ward
Liar of the Left (formerly the host of aptly named Ward 9)

Shown here wearing his true color--the corresponding party logo would likely appear on the 8" x 10" glossy.

The 7pm weekday reward for those that work a few extra hours in the office. Nothing like being told all the way home from that extra effort one might apply to their family's future that any seemingly resultant success is in fact based strictly on luck.

Ironically, even the short lived national syndication and corresponding financial reward of Bernie's is in fact the result of his intensive labor against logic.

Bernie will on occasion morph into a staunch Republican when it is for the sole purpose of better serving his bitter criticism of the honorable mayorable Willie Brown. On these rare instances Bernie's show is ear-candy.

The Divine Word or Ward: Anyone that succeeds owes it all to luck. More schools, less prisons.



Chris Clarke
Random thought generator

I suspect he means well. For generally having no foundation, his positions seem fairly well dug into the muck.

Clarke's Clear Mindedness: O.J. might be a bad boy, but the real evil is in the heart of Mr. Goldman who is profiteering on the death of his son.



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